Dave Cloud and The Gospel of Power

2006 European Tour (UK & Norway)

In April and May 2006, Dave Cloud & The Gospel of Power undertook their first European tour, performing a dozen concerts to enthusiastic audiences in the UK and Norway.

The tour band members were Dave Cloud (vocals, guitar), Matt Bach (guitar), Matt Swanson (bass), and Ben Martin (drums).

The tour included shows at London's famed Scala (supporting the Silver Jews) and Norway's Bergenfest, where Cloud also served as artist in residence. Before the tour, the Bergenfest promoter asked Cloud to rename the bar at the festival's official hotel where Cloud and the band would perform several late-night shows; when the troupe arrived in Bergen, they found "Club El Morocco" generously decorated with large banners and this specially-designed menu:

Special thanks are due to Sexton Ming, The London Dirthole Company and Phono Erotic, and Andrea at Intoxica for their logistical, material, and spiritual support during the London phase of the tour.


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Poster for The Spitz Festival of Blues

Phono Erotic's invitation for their private show at Scar Studios in Camden Town

Photo Gallery

Dave near Scala

Dave window shopping for his heroes near the Scala in London
(photo © Matt Swanson)

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